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What is the boating club?

  • It is a unique program that combines the principal ideas of leasing and time sharing to offer our customers an affordable, flexible, and worry-free approach to boating.

  • Our new program relieves much of the financial burden of owning a boat and frees you from the time associated with maintenance and cleaning, while lowering your costs at the same time. 

  • West Branch Marina is proud and very excited to offer this unique, one of a kind program structured to please all boaters. Our three-tiered program is certain to meet the needs of frequent renters, former boat owners, and businesses alike. We will also be willing to meet one on one in order to tailor a program to satisfy your individual needs.

How it works

Simply purchase one of the three levels. With each level you will receive a designated number of points that may be used during the 2018 boating season. The season begins April 1st and ends October 31st. You apply those points according to the type of boat that you choose and the time of the season that you choose (see chart below). One of the great advantages is that you may choose from a variety of sizes and styles. Mix and match any way you choose. It’s like owning many different boats all at once.


Gold Package - $3000.00 (34 Points)

Silver Package - $2000.00 (22 Points)

Bronze Package - $1000.00 (10 Points)

2019 Calendar Schedule

-Orange-Super Saver        April 1st-May 22nd

                                          September 3rd-October 31st

-Green-Standard             May 23rd-June 25th

-Blue-Premium                June 26th-September 3rd   

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